Synthetic Methodologies and Pharmacological Significance of 2-Aminobenzophenones as Versatile Building Block

Shallu Chaudhary1, Sadhna Sharda1, D.N. Prasad1, Sahil Kumar2 and Rajesh K. Singh1,*

1Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Shivalik College of Pharmacy, Nangal-140126, India

2Department of Pharmacy, School of Medical and Allied Sciences, G.D. Goenka University, Gurugram- 122103, India

*To whom correspondence to be addressed: E-mail: [email protected]


2-Aminobenzophenones are imperative chemical compounds in medicinal chemistry because of their application as valuable synthon for the synthesis of wide varieties heterocyclic compounds having versatile biological activities. Thus, over the past decades, medicinal chemists are increasing attracted towards exploring various synthetic routes and methodologies for the synthesis of 2- aminobenzophenone and its derivatives. This mini-review covers some of the finest methods for the synthesis of 2-aminobenzophenone as well as biological activities of its novel derivatives. The review also discusses the various bioactive compounds in which 2-aminobenzophenones were used as a precursor.


2-Aminobenzophenone, 2-Aminobenzonitrile, 2-Benzoylbenzoic acid, Anthranilic acid.

  • Asian J. Org. Med. Chem./
  •  2018 /
  •  3(3) /
  •  pp 107-115
  • DOI:10.14233/ajomc.2018.AJOMC-P136